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Okay, the Fifty Shades film is looming ever larger. I see there is now a trailer.

With the build-up to the film, I’m going to try to promote London Leather a bit.

That’s not a very easy thing for me. I instinctively feel that if a novel is good enough it ought to somehow sell itself, even though I know that’s bollocks. I have six unpublished original novels in the drawer, and most will never see the light of day. I self-pubbed LL only because when 50 Shades hit I felt I couldn’t live with myself as a person with a hopefully deserved reputation of standing up for healthy consensual kink if I didn’t do what I could to get a better message out there.

Anyway… promotion works much better if it’s not the author doing it. People understandably think the author might have an agenda. So, if you liked LL and are not thrilled by the new wave of abuse-glamorization and BDSM-pathologization coming with the 50 Shades film, would you consider promoting LL somewhere? Posting on your own journal, or reccing somewhere, or submitting to a sex positive comm whose readers might be interested, or telling the media London Leather exists.

Don’t do it for me; do it for the teenage girl out there realising she’s a sub and thinking that means she has to be like Ana Steele. With any luck she’s found some decent fanfic to tell her otherwise, but let’s give her as many chances as possible to find her way.

London Leather microsite
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