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This fic is being reposted due to accidental deletion – details on the fic itself if you’re interested. It’s now complete again – I hope you’ve enjoyed (re)reading!

Title: Points of Light Epilogue plus [personal profile] kiri_moth’s gorgeous fanart and a couple of relevant links
Author: [personal profile] pennypaperbrain
Beta: Chloe and [personal profile] eldritchhorrors
Fic rating: NC-17
Fic warnings: suicidal thoughts, depression, explicit consensual BDSM in a romantic, equal relationship
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Wordcount: 746 for this epilogue; about 16,000 for the completed fic
Spoilers: First three episodes
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters. I couldn’t be trusted with them. There’d be kinky slash everywhere.
Chapter Summary: After the main events of Points of Light, this is a snapshot of how things have changed for John and Sherlock since they met. Stylistically it brings the fic full circle. And has a bit more hot kinky sex.
Fic Summary: I like fennishjournal's mini-review better than I like my own original summary, so here it is: 'John and Sherlock are broken but their jagged edges fit together in a way that is almost painfully right. This is intense and powerful and desperate. There is a scene where John tops the fuck out of Sherlock and, dear God, is it ever intense.'
There's BDSM in the mix, but it's not the main focus of the fic. PoL is a relationship study, in which sex is a significant element but far from being the sole theme. It's about needing something right down to the bottom of your soul, and perhaps eventually getting it.


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