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My fandom has fluffy hair porn which gets reblogged 3,000 times.

Clearly I have found my spiritual and intellectual home.
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orpheus wrote on tumblr:

If I held a semi-regular reading on livestream or something, would you guys be interested in it? It’s just, with me moving into longer WIPs, things’ll be a little scarce on the ground here, and I thought it might be nice to do a live read of shorter fics every now and then. 

Admittedly I’m stalking orpheus like a sad stalker because she’s currently podficcing Points of Light (she's mid-project and has blogged about it so I'll dare to count the chickens at this point). So I’d be excited anyway, but the reason I’m EXCITED TO THE POINT OF CAPITAL LETTERS is that her podfics in particular are so very good. Her version of Undercurrents made me drop what else I was fiddling with on the computer and just listen, which is virtually impossible for me. While I’m respectful of the effort that goes into any audiofic there are some that I just can’t get into because of problems like mishandling of Sherlock’s baritone by a female reader. Orpheus is a trained actor and gets round these things with a natural style of her own. She even does a proper English accent.

So if you like podfic, go forth and download and follow. She now has a download page.


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